Attenuation of Radiation: Concepts and Mathematics

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This tutorial gives an overview on Attenuation of Radiation

Objectives for Tutorial on Attenuation of Radiation

Topics to be Covered

  1. Definition of terms such as attenuation, half value layer, and 10th value layer
  2. Graphic representation of the attenuation of radiation as it traverses through matter
  3. Explanation of why parallel lines on a attenuation curve have the same half value layer
  4. Comparison of mono chromatic and polychromatic beams and the associated mathematics.
  5. Questions and mathematical problem solving related to attenuation of radiation
  6. After completion of this tutorial, one should be able to:
    1. Define attenuation of radiation, half-value layer, and tenth value layer.
    2. Explain what happens to intensity of a beam as one removes or adds HVLs or TVLs between source and detector
    3. Using graphical analysis, determine HVL or TVL from a semi-logarithmic plot of Intensity vs thickness.
    4. State mathematical relationship between m (the linear absorption coefficient) and the HVL and compare to the mathematical relationship between l (the decay constant) and the half-life
    5. Write the equations for calculations involving intensity changes as a function of the number of HVLs and TVLs
    6. Define monochromatic and polychromatic and explain why every HVL is equally thick for monochromatic beams, but not for polychromatic beams.
    7. Work a variety of math problems involving change of beam intensity with change of number of HVLs or TVLs.

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